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Facebook to filter out Networking – Scam Business from Newsfeed

PALO ALTO – Facebook have started tracking down scams and spammy post for the past days and they are developing algorithms to do this properly on computation level based on user inputs.

Facebook is a Palo Alto based tech company that is being hailed as the modern and organic social media which made Friendster and other social networks obsolete. For the past years Facebook had been known to create innovations beyond the known paradigms of social networking, it became very organic to even protect the interest of their members.

Now the social media giant is leaping its filtering algorithm to the next level where it will then lessen the exposure of viral spammy post and networking businesses that uses pyramiding as its scheme that possibly endanger gullible members of the platform. They will be adding new category on reporting a post that will specifically handle this.


Facebook is also planning to run another round of required site wide survey for a better news feed. Users will be able to tag post, groups and pages that is promoting a networking business if it is a scam. In turn Facebook will have a better data set on online scammers in Facebook that uses networking business as their way into gullible users’ money and investments. The data set will be used by the algorithm to lessen from being searched and visibility on users’ news feed, it will also be submitted to International Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to hunt down these scammers and be put behind the bars.


A handful of experts somewhat don’t trust the algorithm and it might have some privacy issues where they might not be able to get the real culprit considering that most of the scammers are using a sham identity or impersonate someone whom they have seen in the internet. Facebook though assured that the algorithm can handle this issue and everything will be handled with due process when it is the turn of the government to stop this scammers.