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DOT and NCCA will hold Essay Writing Contest about the Impacts of Pogi Population in the Philippines

MANILA – Department of Tourism (DOT) and National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA) will hold an essay writing contest about the topic “Impacts of Pogi (Handsome) Population in the country’s Economy”.

Pogi Essay

This is somewhat absurd topic but DOT and NCCA have all the data to defend why the topic is fitted for this years vision on improving Filipino lives with the use of the handsome and pretty faces we have here in the Philippines and cultural beauty. The best essay will be used as a script to the creation of the different marketing collateral to be used on the year’s tourism theme “Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Philippines.”

NCCA will also provide some guidelines on how the essay should be judged, bellow are the criterias;

1. Relate being pogi to culture

2. Relate being pogi to economic development

3. Level of poginess to economic and cultural sustainability

The contest will run from January 15 to 30, 2015 and the announcement of winners will be on February 15, 2015. To join you may directly contact Department of Tourism on their website at