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Dingdong’s Wedding Underwear Featured on an International Online Magazine

MANILA – Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera got married last December 30, 2014 which is considered to be the best wedding of the century. It got the clamor and glamour of the international community, from their 12 feet wedding cake to Marian Rivera’s gown, now Dingdong’s underwear is also being featured by an international online magazine group.

Bros4Bros ( online magazine is a site dedicated on featuring male underwear fashion and winny bananas. Just today the site featured the underwear allegedly being used by Mr. Dantes during his wedding day and honeymoon. The editors and content managers of the site got so fascinated with Dingdong’s underwear because of how the fit forms his winny banana bulge.

4d4095fc8There are also rumors that the group is also running a campaign to make Dingdong’s Dong to be the greatest and sexiest in the whole wide world. If this is true, the campaign will definitely further boost the career of Dingdong Dantes and will bring him closer to global stardom.

We tried to ask some of his fans on what they think about Dingdong being featured on an international online magazine? Some of them answered “This is great for him”, some seems getting tired of the couple being on the news from time to time “Too much exposure, sensationalism at its best”.

Though whatever the news tells about Dingdong and his wife Marian about all these features and clamor about their wedding. We still hope for all the best and happiness on their married life.