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Ding Dong Got A Shock of His Life After Receiving Their Wedding Portrait

QUEZON CITY – Ding Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera just got married last December 30, 2014. It is considered as one of the best wedding ceremony ever celebrated in the country for 2014.

But just yesterday the newly wedded couple got a wedding portrait drawn using charcoal from an artist friend of the couple. Though Ding Dong got shocked with what he saw, the illustration of his face have some problems, it seems that the artist drew Empoy instead of his face.

Credits to Otet Antenor Sorillano

Credits to Otet Antenor Sorillano

Puzzled and Shocked Ding Dong have these 5 questions to himself because of this;

1. Is Empoy my long lost brother?

2. Do I really look like Empoy?

3. All of this time is Marian really like to get wed with me or with Empoy?

4. Does this drawing show some premonitions that Marian Rivera will be leaving me because of Empoy?

5. Am I betrayed?

This portrait had drawn so much attention and puzzling questions. And fans have these questions as well, will this affect the newly wed? what secrets does this portrait have? is it really Empoy that Marian Rivera is in love with?

Whatever the questions are, or the possible problems brought about by this portrait… We still hope the best for the two newly wedded couple.