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Beast Mode Driver will be Representing the Country on the Coming 2015 Macau Grand Prix

MANILA – Just last week a viral video of Tito Cosejo demonstrating how to drive in beast mode which have irked netizens because of his boastful and trouble making like actions. But it is not all bad because a group of investors saw him as another opportunity.

Tito Cosejo a Civil Engineering graduate from University of Cebu and currently working at Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (based from his Facebook Page) became very popular last week because of his “Beast Mode” Driving tutorial that went viral after Top Gear released his video on their Facebook Page (here).

Even with all the negative reactions from netizens across the Philippines, a group of funders that sends out professional drivers to Grand Prix in Macau. They saw Tito Cosejo as an opportunity and they are aiming to send him on this years edition of the prestigious race. They told Atras Abante these 5 reasons why are they vouching for him;

1. He has passion for driving the beast way

2. He can provoke other drivers leading them to get destructed and be out of the race

3. He has a mole that acts like radar making him not need any side mirrors

4. He has a strong heart

5. He is ready to do everything just to be popular

With these 5 reasons I think the funders are really that sure that he can win the race and definitely be popular again on the right way. Anyway even with bad start we still hope that he wins the Macau 2015 Grand Prix.