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9 Ways to Shove Away an Overly Obsessed Fan in a Nice Way

PHILIPPINES – Have you ever wondered how artist and professional performers handle their fans, specially those that are too pushy, or obsessed on following them. Well read over this article to know the ways they use to shove them away without loosing any of their fans.


We asked our very popular Ben Tenorio how he shove away his fans that that are or too obsessed with him, without loosing them as followers. Well he has this 9 tips to shove them away in the most nicest way.

1. When they send you indecent proposals like “hey boy want to have a sensual night with me?”… Reply to them with this “Hey honey, I am not on the mood of any nookey tonight, even tomorrow until December this year”, with this (if she is blonde) will still expect that there will be a chance and she will be following you as a good fan.

2. When they ask for a duofies… Tell them “I only accept groupies, and it will be fun if there will be more of you in the picture”. The thing here is that you want to tell them that it will be greater with more people without even destroying her wishes to have a picture with you.

3. Every time they give you food and you don’t feel eating it, you have to tell them “I am on a diet, I am full for the day on the category of that food.” With this your maniac fans will know that you are very concern with your health…

4. When fans wait for you on the gate of your house or condo, just give them a wave of your hand, no need to or don’t even think of opening the window of your car, just wave a graceful hi and smile. It will not look like suplado or something…

5. Fans go to your window and tries to look on what you are doing, open the window and say “Hey its late already, tomorrow nalang”, telling them that they will definitely understand that you need a rest and you are also concern for them.

6. When fans ask for your number… When this happens give the number of your manager or your driver or 1 of your dead numbers… With this your fans will not feel that you are ignoring them and you are giving them a chance to still communicate with you.

7. Fans tries to add you as their Facebook Friend, if this happens you have to point them to you facebook page, or ask them to just follow you on twitter, tumblr or instagram. With this you are not looking like suplado but also you are marketing your public page where your fans can immediately see your promotions and events.

8. When fans tries to visit you on your office, politely tell them to talk to your secretary to schedule a meeting, then just give a whitelist of people you want to accept as visitor on your office, then everyone will be considered as a fan, just instruct your secretary to tell them nicely that you are booked the whole year. With that your fans will think that you are really busy making your stuff to make sure that you can provide them more reasons to love you.

9. Fans tries to get a hidden photo of you, when they do this, open wide your curtains on your house, don’t put any clothing on you, with this your fans will feel that you are definitely giving them a good scoop about you and they are not wasting their time being a fan about you, it will be too satisfying for them to stop bugging you again but just be fans.

So their you go, 9 ways to shove away overly obsessed female fan without loosing any of them…