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Baguio City might Experience Winter Later this year

BAGUIO – Weather experts in the Philippines are looking into the possibility that Baguio City might experience winter later this year up to February next year, due to its temperature reaching a new all time low of -4 deg. Celsius on the later parts of December 2014.


Baguio city is situated at an altitude of approximately 1,540 meters (5,050 feet) in the Luzon tropical pine forests, in history it was able to reach 6.3 deg. Celsius on March 15, 1988. Yet weather experts from the country’s top weather bureau PAGASA expects that the all time low record will be broken this year. Later weeks of December 2014 might reach a -4 deg. Celsius temperature, up to the early days of February. That will be very cold for Baguio and if the conditions permit, this will be the first time that the city will experience true winter with snow.

Weather experts also pointed out three reasons why is this happening:

1. A movement on poles resulted into moving the Philippines further from the equatorial reference, making it possible for the country to be situated on a new cloud system.

2. The shunting of cloud system cycle on the Atlantic might have affected the cloud system on the Pacific, making the Philippines to be situated on a colder cloud system.

3. The mountain in Baguio is growing and it made the city to be higher as compared in the past, making the city to be colder.

With this, the experts advice every household, commercial establishments, agricultural – farmers and visitors to be ready with this climatic change in the city. They should start investing on heaters and better set of clothing. And the hospitals are also warned about the impact of the new climate state of the city, and be ready with the increasing emergency demand for hypothermia.