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11 Reasons why a Very Good Looking Guy gets Depressed?

PHILIPPINES – Did you ever wonder if good looking guys do ever get depressed? Or get sad because of there looks… Or the hassle of being chased by different ladies at any given time of the day…

And to answer to that is “Yes” they do. They have moments in their life that they really get depressed and very sad because of how they look. Well we asked our resident “pogi” Mr. Joe Paltos about the reasons why they get depressed…


1. The hassle of being chased by different ladies or woman everyday, it is downright crazy… It eats up so much energy hiding from them. There are even chances that they are like dogs looking for a meat to rip out…

2. The case of midnight calls, if it will be on the phone it will be easy to mitigate, the hardest part though is when to go to your window knock and ask for a selfie, or a moment with you. Sometime they even bribe your maid to let them in while you are sleeping and stay beside you.

3. Indecent proposals, we always get that, even in Facebook everywhere, you will get messages such as “I want to be with you in a room alone and we will do all the sexy stuff in the world” or ask like “Can I buy an hour of your time?”. This is insane and depressing

4. The harana or serenade moments, there are times that I get a serenade from a group of girls on a sexy booty clothing. Yes I look at them but the hard part though is when they ask me to kiss them one by one and its like 10 or 12 girls.

5. Chocolate unlimited, I get so much of them, even if I tell them that I get hyper when I eat too much of chocolates, yet they still insist and with a hot reason of “Yes eat chocolates and be hyper with in bed.” Again that is freakin’ insane.

6. Booty photos on my table, there are so many cases that my table gets filled with booty photos and at the back with their room number and sometimes with a duplicate key. I just shred them, I throw them, I hate ladies that do or show those types of motives…

7. Hot and Sexy Voicemails, every time I arrived at the office, I thought the messages are from the managers or bosses and I really get nervous, but when I get to hear them, they are from different ladies around the area, asking me with some stuff like “Can you call me back, I want to lick that ice cream with you tonight.”

8. Photo with me request, I get a lot of them its tiring, sometimes they even do the ducky near my cheek and I feel violated because of that.

9. The elbow touch every time I ride the elevator, MRT or LRT or even if I am in the pantry, girls love to let their elbow and skin touch my body just to notice them or get a feel of my skin… And that stress me a lot.

10. Hair fly by the face, I usually get into this kind of situation when I ride a jeepney, a woman beside me plays with their hair then make it touch my face it is like telling me “Smell it, touch it…”

11. The eye contact with boob – cleavage lure, anywhere I go woman would love to do an eye contact with me and lure me to look at their cleavage… Again this is totally insane.

See just how depressing it is to be very handsome or “sobrang pogi”. It is tiring and stressful. Sometimes I feel like crying and wish that all girls ignore me the next day, well that doesn’t happen… And it will never happen…

So there you go guys, that’s how stressful and depressing to be that handsome. We feel you Joe Paltos…



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