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11 Cancers that is Killing the Filipino Society

PHILIPPINES – Did you know what are the 11 cancers that is killing the Filipino Society? No it is not the usual disease that you are thinking but it is all about the traits and practices that the Filipinos have that is little by little killing the society or slowing down its progress.

Below will talk about the 11 things that Filipinos are doing that is detrimental to the society’s growth. Which at some point should stop, not all at the same time but hopefully little by little.

1. Jealousy or more commonly known as Crab Mentality – not all but a big portion of Filipinos still have this classical attitude or practice of Crab Mentality, where they don’t want a person to go beyond them or be better in life this is caused by extreme jealousy, and they will do everything just to bring down the person, such as the one to the next trait that Filipinos should stop.

Crrab2. Hearsay Machine or more commonly known as Tsismis – many Filipinos have this bad habit of spreading stories about a person, this could come from their assumptions with the wildest imagination, or this could come from a very little information of something then expanded into a totally new story. They do this because of jealousy or they just hate that person so much.


3. Self Praising ala Telenobela – there are individuals that make tsismis about themselves, they are the one who create the stories, like telling that they are a son or daughter of a well known politician or a part of a high profile gang, they have done this and that. They do this for fame or popularity, there are Filipinos who have a very low self esteem yet they have a bad attitude of wanting to get famous that fast for some business advances and the like.


4. Racist Unlimited or Mapangkutya – Filipinos hate racism but they themselves are the ultimate racist, beside from assuming on things that happens around them, there are those who prejudge people based on their looks such as tagging a person as drug addicts because he or she have tattoos, or they call him or her “ita” because he or she is black, or considers a person to be bobo or ignorant because he or she is from the highlands.

Crab035. Complain Unlimited – Filipinos love to complain, even the smallest detail that is not provided they will complain, if they think it is inappropriate on their eye they will complain about it. There are also chances that they complain on things that on the first place they are the reason why is it happening, just like the bad stuff done by their elected or chosen politicians, yet on coming election they will vote for them again, bringing us to the next item. But with all those complains most never make themselves be part of the solution.

Crab046. Bobotante or Voting Losers – many Filipinos loves to vote the same old traditional politicians, such as those that are former action stars, former son of a corrupt president, anyone that is popular and that could pay there meal for the day. Majority of the Filipino population don’t understand and value good governance when voting, they are more into short term feel of the candidate.


7. Bahala na or Let it be habit – Filipinos when deciding when they are unsure or if they think their decision is wrong, or if they don’t really care about it (i.e. when voting) they just say “Bahala na” or let it be, just accept what happens. They don’t really care about the consequences of their actions, they are carefree on the decisions that they do, which definitely gives them most of the time a very bad position on any situation, just like during disasters when there is a call for evacuation, most Filipinos don’t comply and just say “bahala na”


8. Manyana Habit or Will do Later attitude – there are times that laziness gets to the deepest layer of a Filipino’s bone, they don’t do things immediately they suspend or even not do it at all if things get too short for them to finish it. Productivity suffers because of this, the work could be rushed and details might not have been placed properly or they just don’t happen.


9. Colonial Mentality – Filipinos are fun of buying imported products and considers local products to have bad quality, they don’t patronize what we have here locally such shoes, bags, movies and the like, which is very detrimental to the different growing industries here and directly affect the whole economy of the country. It also deeply affects the culture and the identity of the Filipinos, they are more proud if they are to be tagged as someone with a foreign blood rather than being considered as a full breed Filipino.


10. Ningas Kugon or The Beginning Guy – There are Filipinos that shows the very best of their performance only at the beginning, leaving things to be half baked or not finished at all, and or even when following and implementing rules. This is the very reason why here in the Philippines things don’t totally get sustained, because of this kind of attitude in the society. It also greatly affect how the country develop


11. Expecting for too much gratuity or Utang na loob – Filipinos really do treasure every good deeds that are done to them, they give so much in return at some point that is not much of a problem, but the other side of it is a horror. There are Filipinos subconsciously really do look for something in return beyond what is already given to them, “utang na loob” is like a chain you are tied with, which obligates you to give something in return every now and then or it could be forever. This is a strength and a weakness at some points in their lives, but because of this, their decisions are deeply affected, even if they don’t want to vote for them or do something, but because of “utang na loob” they are obliged to do it.


These are the 11 things that we consider as cancers in our modern society, some of them have been in our life or history in a very long time. They have to go away to be able to heal this country and be great again.