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ISIS member beheaded after watching Barney

SYRIA – ISIS or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is known for their vicious acts against those who oppose and don’t follow the ways of an Islamic Caliphate. Just recently several images are circulating across the globe about the beheading of their own member after they caught him and his buddy watching Barney.

ISIS deeply oppose homosexuality and all actions that is related to it. They do all sorts of punishment to those they caught doing homosexual activities, and one of the most common punishment that they do is beheading, and into no surprise one of their members named Abu Baklar a Syrian national, got beheaded because of watching Barney the Dinosaur, which for them is a homosexual activity and against the caliphate. Just last week October 27, ISIS circulated a photo of him getting beheaded which can be seen on their facebook account. Also related to this incident, his friend Joe Cole a British national who watched with him is also scheduled to be beheaded by next week unless United States will stop attacking ISIS and to surrender the producer of Barney the Dinosaur TV series.


Fans of the show and other democracy advocates are at rage and call the act as inhumane and a direct assault to freedom. They said that “This should not happen again, they are like vicious animals, barbaric and with no respect to freedom, they should all die”.¬†Other groups also asked for a stronger offense against ISIS because of this incident, and for some they warned their fellow friends that have plans to join ISIS to think twice before joining, because it will be a point of no return.

Whatever had happened here, it just show that ISIS are very serious to what they want to do, which should stop because of its impact to the world.