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Baguio City Mayor aims to Create a World Class Overpass

Baguio – Mayor Mauricio Domogan released a statement last November 19, 2014 and has laid out plans to renovate the Baguio City overpass next year.


The target proposal date would be executed on September of 2015; they hope to get the help of international funding for this one of a kind project. Due to the public clamor of Baguio residents and tourists to make the overpass look more presentable and world class, the city Mayor together with other city councilors have come out with this proposal.

The Baguio City Council set a budget appropriation of 20 million pesos in order to execute the project.
An Australian Company has laid out their plans to present an artistic and modernized type of overpass that seeks to include an escalator and paintings and mosaic art of Baguio artist.

The city Mayor wants to persuade the city, to give credit to Baguio artists and wants to get the assistance of the Baguio Community in creating a one of a kind overpass that can bring back the interest of tourists in the city of Baguio. The City will hire more than 50 artists to create the new design of the said over pass, a contest will be opened by city, in order to come up with new designs that could be used for the structure.
The overpass is also set to contain a garden and water fountain feature.

The aim of the project is to help residents and tourists relax, while walking in a world class facility.
Councilor Betty Lourdes Tabanda also stated the need to make sure that the new over pass located near Tiongsan Harrison should also be able to contain more than 500 people in order to avoid human traffic and congestion during rush hour.