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5 Things that Single Guys should Stop Doing

MANILA –  Have you ever realized that there are things that single guys should stop doing to be able to get a partner for life and have a successful family in the future.

We got to talk with our resident Love expert Dr. Joma “Lover Boy” Castro and he listed out 5 things that Single Guys shouldn’t be doing:

1. Stop doing the pity move, don’t ask anyone to love you because you are sad and you need to be happy…


2. Stop being feeling pogi, keep cool and just be who you are don’t shove to anyone that you are having pogi problems…


3. Stop feeling bad boy, you should start being good to every woman you meet. If you want to have a lasting and great relationship, be good on every way…


4. Stop being a sex maniac, touchy and porn, get your manhood straight on the right way and timing. You are not created to be a sex offender but a knight to protect women.


5. Stop assuming that a woman likes you and tell everyone that “nilalandi ka nya”, don’t do that. In chances that you feel that she really likes you, talk to her and compliment the feeling.


So there you have it, just follow this 5 recommendations and you will get your love for a lifetime… Share the article to let your single guy friends know about this 5 things they should stop doing. Have fun everyone.