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5 Solutions for EDSA Traffic

MANILA – Traffic in EDSA had always been a problem and it is getting worse day by day. And the traffic is definitely killing the economy, with a lost of USD 20M per day because of that traffic, and it also makes the economy grow slower because of that, people gets late and the like.


Our Team of Pseudo-experts on traffic researched on 5 Solutions that the government can do to ease up traffic in EDSA.

1. They should remove MRT, it ate up 1 to 2 lanes that should be used by the motorist, here is a more elaborate explanation for why we should remove it, “MRT Gigibain“.

2. Widen EDSA after removing all condominiums and malls along it, those malls and condominiums should not be on the sides of EDSA in the first place.

3. Build 5 levels of skyway in EDSA and classify which type of vehicle pass through each level, with that we can optimize quantity of vehicles passing through on each particular level.

4. Create Human Teleporters with exit to particular buildings, this way we can effectively kill the purpose of having MRT and even Buses inside EDSA. And teleporters needs smaller space to occupy.

5. Put toll fee on EDSA, and it should cost around 500 PHP per entry, with this we can discourage people from passing through the avenue, so there will be no traffic in the area.

That’s it, we really need to solve this problem in EDSA to save our economy.