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5 Reasons why Filipinas need not to wear Makeup

MANILA – Filipinas are by far have a unique look, they look pretty and cute the longer you look at them. This could be because of the several races from Asia and the west that mixed on this archipelago.

FilipinaLets take a deeper look on how pretty they are and the 5 reasons why they should not wear makeup to look prettier. Below are the reasons:

  1. Filipinas have already been embedded with a simple yet natural beauty, making it more beautiful won’t make any sense, and adding up more detail to their face won’t do any justice to that natural beauty.
  2. Most Filipinas have a not so fair skin, they are more of a “kayumanggi”, where putting a highlighter or additional color on their skin will make their face less natural and beautiful.
  3. They have small faces, and putting makeup on it won’t do any good, it is like painting on a small canvass and trying to fit in details.
  4. Filipina eyes are not the big yet rounded, putting eyeliners into it will definitely alter how they naturally look, and the chinita like look on the eye won’t dwell properly to their natural look.
  5. They don’t have pouty lips, most have a regular size lips putting lipstick on won’t make it better and again Filipinas are “kayumanggi” adding color to the lips may just ruin the whole face.

Above all Filipinas are already a natural beauty, they don’t need enhancements