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11 Things you Need to Know About Filipino Men

MANILA – Have you ever wondered what kind of breed Filipino Men are? Well here are the 11 things you should know about them.

Filipino men are exceptional and definitely one of a kind specie of men in the human race. They have an overflowing passion to love and seeks the same from every specie of women. Below explains why Filipino men are like that.

fegeee1. Pouring with Creativeness – they have an overflowing idea on everything they do, from courting up to making your bed fantasies exciting. They are also creative on creating reasons when caught doing things that violate the rule of relationships and love.

2. Too Sweet – their sweetness level is different as compared to other male specie of this human race, Filipinos seems to court their wife or girlfriend daily with all the sweetness with it.

3. Overly Protective – Filipino Men are ready to die for their love ones, if only they could guard their girl for 24/7 they will do it. They will do everything just to make sure that their girl is safe and won’t be taken by anybody.

4. Generous in every way – they love to give gifts, anything that could make their partner happy, or anyone around them. They always find ways to give gifts or be generous, for Filipino Men it is a sign of showing Masculinity.

5. Courteous more than expected – in every way they can give courtesy, from a seat on a bus, MRT or even on a resto and comfort room. They always have that gesture of “you go first will come next”.

6. Helpful with sense of Bayanihan – they love to help even that poor little kiddo on the street begging for a penny specially when they are with their one and only love, Filipino Men also believes that when they help it adds up to their pogi “handsome” points.

7. Variety All the Time – they always look for variety, they get bored when things gets too monotonous, even with their partners, Filipino Men hates eating the same stuff all the time. As a tip for girls, you need to have variety on things you do with your Filipino male partner.

8. Mr. Clean – Filipino Men never skip a day without taking a bath, cleaning their eggs and two heads, they shave more often compared to other races, soap their body twice or thrice in every batch session, and most of them uses Eskinol or any facial cleansing liquid.

9. Showtime!!! – It is always showtime for them, the bling bling on every industry, work or relationship they are in, whether it is love, money, power and compassion. They always find ways to make everyone notice them, even on the most little way.

10. Joker “Why too Serious?” – Filipino Men as they are known to their witty creative trait, they are also a very good story teller, a professional “Barber Fantasy” story writers, they have a different level of humor, even in a very little detail they can make fun out of it. Some may see them to be bullies, but it is just pure fun.

11. Eats Dicks and Balls – Filipino Men do believe on aphrodisiacs, it can be your common Balut – Penoy on the street or the very common Cow’s Dick Set or Soup #5, they believe that it is the key for a stronger manhood that can make every woman or girl happy…

So their you go readers, for girls, pure breeds are getting scarce this days, so be sure to look for one now!!!