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11 Recommended Things Filipino Men Should Stop Doing

MANILA – Filipino are fun of doing several stuff that sometimes make them stupid and not funny at all. Things that degrade them as an epitome this great male specie of the world.


We listed 11 things that Filipino should stop doing to maintain and sustain their macho gwapito status and here they are;

  1. Dancing silly, many Filipino love to make fool of themselves by dancing, they should stop and do it on a more creative way without degrading moves.
  2. Eating like no tomorrow, many of Filipino Men eats like there is no tomorrow, they eat big and becomes big loosing their figure, which should not be, they should maintain proper contour on their body, and eat less carbohydrates and fatty foods like bulalo.
  3. Drunken Masters, they drink too much and roll, they should learn to control themselves, be more cautious on drinking beer and hard liquor.
  4. Too much machismo approach, males should be males but not much of a controlling machismo, they should stop controlling their wives to the point of making them like robots. They should only control their wives to the extent of a balance role of a husband and wife.
  5. Too silent, they don’t talk too much, never express themselves properly when they are angry, and they don’t immediately tell what they should tell, which sometimes leads to unproductive flow of any communication process. Sometimes it is the reason of them not being able to get the girl they love.
  6. Creative liars, not all but most Filipino Men are creative liars, they are good at giving reasons that sometimes damage relationships, they are too creative that leads to catching them red handed.
  7. Too sweet to be true, as a support to the creative liars part, being too sweet is one thing that Filipino Men, they should stop being too sweet, it is becoming fake and it seems your lying about your emotion. Keep it cool, not too sweet.
  8. Too kind to other people, Filipino men are too kind which is both strength and weakness, they should not be too kind to other people, they should learn to balance being kind and not, saying yes and no to every request.
  9. Womanizing, Filipino Men should stop having too many female partners, they should learn to be satisfied with only one partner, they should stop looking for varieties, they can do it on other things not on their relationships.
  10. Making perfumes into cologne, Filipino men should not make perfumes into cologne, it is just disgusting, make them smell like females which can kill their macho image and be sensed as the opposite.
  11. Believing on the myths of balls and dicks as aphrodisiac, Filipino men loves to eat Soup number 5 which is composed of dick and balls of a cow, it is high on fat and protein, they should stop it and focus more on making their bodies healthier to have a better circulation of blood on their man tool.

So that’s it, your list of recommended things that Filipino Men should stop doing starting now!!!