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11 Reasons Why you Should Love a Filipina

MANILA –  Ever wondered why other races loves to have a Filipina to be their wife, girlfriend or a companion. Well you came to the right place where you can know the 11 reasons why you should be one of the many that enjoyed their life with a Filipina.

Filipina1. They are great cook, they can easily learn every recipe this planet has to offer and prepare a better one.

2. Resourceful and creative, they can create amazing things even with scarcity, with these traits, it makes them the best home makers and budget managers.

3. High level of TLC, compared to other specie of female human race, Filipinas have a higher level of Tender Loving Care, making them the perfect wife for any male specie…

4. Overly sweet, they can still be sweet even if they are angry, they can show it in every little way, even with just a hand gesture.

5. They are diligent, they never stop working, they always move and find things to work on, they get bored when they are not doing anything.

6. They don’t cheat, they never look for another man, they will stay loyal to you, and will always do even after you break up for a certain period of time (2 years to maximum before they look for another 1).

7. Low maintenance, they are easy to satisfy, they don’t ask too much but to be loved, you buy them things and they will treasure it whatever the price is.

8. They are good in bed, there scream will make your manhood harder, they can use their hands and lips to effectively titillate your senses.

9. They have a good grasps on details, from the work they do up to how effective they are in bed, that justifies number 8 even more.

10. They love being touched by their one and only love, they always want to have holding hands, hugs and kisses.

11. They love surprises, they always want to have thrilling experience on every moment of their life, and it is an effective way to be sweet to them, that justify why they love first times.

So those are the reasons to have a Filipina as a partner, yes they are exceptional, you should look for one now!!!