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11 Reasons why men should get Circumcised?

MANILA – Ever wondered why most Asians and the Jews, specifically Catholics is getting circumcised? While for other countries like the west it is not a compulsory activity, or for some state in the United States it is even prohibited.


In this Article we listed the 11 reasons why men should get circumcised beyond what Catholicism says, and to battle the reasons of the west to why not get one.

  1. Spiritually connected, with the removal of the extra skin, it is believed during the time of the Jews that it enhances your spiritual connection to the creator, even during the time of love making, it allows a cleaner offspring on both physical and spiritual.
  2. Purity, circumcision makes a man mentality be conditioned by purity to its heart as being a man with its underlying responsibilities.
  3. Anatomically clean, with removal of the extra skin and with glands under it makes a man cleaner anatomically, it spares them from around 20 known infections including urinary tract infection, because of the secretions of this glands it adds up on creating a brooding environment to several microorganisms, and it also makes the penis less smelly.
  4. Spares women from getting infections, with those glands removed and a cleaner penis, women are also spared from a handful of identified infections, which is eventually healthier as compared to not removing it.
  5. Enhances penile girt, with the extra skin removed, it spares the head of the penis from having another hurdle to expand and come out which enhance blood circulation towards it and eventually adding up to girt.
  6. It makes your partner more satisfied, extra skins makes the head and an inch of the neck below it less rough, removal of it makes it more rough, which during intercourse roughness adds up on making the vaginal walls to be more aroused.
  7. The penis becomes more sensitive and easier to excite, women loves to see an excited penis, and with circumcision it helps on enhancing that level of sensitivity for better excitement.
  8. It makes the penis hard at a longer period of time, this reason reiterate number 5, where there is more freedom on the head and a few inch below it spares the penis from too much stress affecting performance.
  9. Lesser time to recover, with a penis that has lesser stress, it makes it easier to recover and have another round of performance, that is the reason why Filipino men and other races that are circumcised can withstand an 8 rounds of wild sex.
  10. Lesser chance of getting andropause at an earlier age, with the glands removed, it spares guys from having an andropause at a younger age, and it also spares them from the physical pains of brought by it.
  11. Easier to fertilize, sperm cells pass through the head, with a cleaner penis means a cleaner and healthier sperm cells, which makes those men that are circumcised more capable of fertilizing and have a better offspring.

That’s it, I hope this facts made you realize the importance of having circumcision.